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waterproof coating

waterproof coating
Product Detailed
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DY-SPU Single unit Wet Cure Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

DY-SPU Single unit Wet Cure Polyurethane Waterproof Coating is a polymer waterproof coating which is used isocyanate, polyether as main materials, coupled with accelerator,plasticizer,additive through careful synthesis; its film solidifying mechanism is: there is a chemical reaction of the NCO hydroxyl of polyurethane prepolymer with air or moisture vapor of base surface, it’s a kind of  21st century new generation environmental waterproof coating for it can be formed harmless,tasteless,high elasticity rubber waterproof film, it’s also can be used on the wet-based surface.

Product features

1,  Single unit packing, use up at one time, avoiding low stability to quality of waterproof coating.

2,  Particularity of Film-forming mechanism, can be used on the wet-based surface completely.

3,  Composed of pure polyurethane, excellent physical and mechanical properties, excellent flexibility,high intensity, with rubber feature.

4,  Thick coating,dense coating,no pinhole,no air bubble.

5,Without benzene solvent,coal tar constituents, will not pollute the environment.

Technical Capacity Index

The product meets the requirements of GB19250-2003 Polyurethane Waterproof Coating. 

Scope of application

1,  Flat,roofing of buildings,toilet,roof gutter,green roof.

2,  Bottom plate,top plate,shear wall, side wall of basement.

3,  Tunnels,subway,roads and bridges waterproof engineering.

4,  Channel, swimming pool, sewage tank, urban groove.

Construction guides

1,  Waterproof base shall be clean,smooth,strong and without oil,water.

2,  Through-wall pipe shall be sealed first; movement joint shall be pasted glass fiber cloth or non-woven cloth as strengthening layer.

3,  Scrape the coating on the base with rubber scraper evenly, scrape several times according to coating design, shall not have the phenomenon of drain brush,bulking,pin holes.

4,  It’s much better to put sand on the film surface before final film is not solidified in order to increase adhesion between face brick,coating mortar with coating layer. Workers must strictly execute construction according to design requirement after waterproof layer is finished for 48 hours.

5,  Reference volume: 1.0mm coating amount of about 1.3kg/m2


1,  Use up at one time after opening, the rest shall be sealed in order to prevent to be solidified.

2,  Keep construction ventilated, the application temperature can’t be lower than 5°C

3,  The coating surface will be formed a thin-skinned layer when the coating is stored for a long time, eliminating it when used, it can’t affect the use of results.

4,  Take protection measures before the coating is not solidified completely, strictly forbidden to walk on the waterproof layer,stack materials or equipment; board can be used as cushion when stacking materials on the waterproof layer after solidifying, movable board can be used as cushion when transporting the materials temporary in order to prevent damage to waterproof layer.

Storage and Package

1,Coating shall be stored in dry, ventilated indoors, keep away from sunlight, moisture, fire.

2,Prevent sun and rain in the transportation, keep away from collision.

3,The shelf life is 9 months under sealed condition, It can be normally used after passing inspection for expired storage

4,Product packing: Single unit polyurethane waterproof coating is sealed in an iron barrel.

5,Package specification: 25kg/barrel,10kg/barrel,5kg/barrel.

Technical Data Sheet

Main Technical Data



Technical data



Technical data






Tensile strength/Mpa≥




Water tightness

0.3 Mpa.30Min






Solid content/%≥



Tear strength/(N/mm)≥




Surface solidifying/h≤



Cold flexibility/°C≤



Interior solidifying/h≤


waterproof coating

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